Collection LED

Feature And Benefits Unique To Collection LED Brand LEDs

Collection LED light bulbs have four unique features

  1. Nichia Solid State Semiconductor Diode
  2. 100% Aluminum Heat Sink
  3. Zero Hot Spot Poly Carbonate Light Globe Casing
  4. Rubycon Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

There are two top companies in LED technology design and manufacture industry. One being Japan based NICHIA CORPORATION and the other being the United States based CREE INC.. Nichia is the first company to develop super high brightness blue and pure green LED chips while Cree is the first to introduce "lighting-class" LED. Thus the two companies are regarded as LED technology industry benchmarks. Collection LED currently holds 40% of the Japanese LED market share just after Toshiba and Panasonic in terms of Tier enterpise. Because Collection LED uses Genuine Nichia Semiconductor diodes for its LED products. Thus our lighting quality is world class. In pursuit of the highest standards, Collection LED uses 100% pure aluminun in the making of its LED heat sinks to achieve the highest heat dissipation rate and the longest life span, while many of our competitors cut short by reducing the purity of the aluminum and substituting with less effective materials such as ceramic. Collection LED's light globe casing is proprietarily designed to evenly distribute light upto 180 degree while not restricting luminance. Finally a top of the line Semiconductor diode needs a matching current capacitor thus we use another Japan based company Rubycon's aluminun electrolytic capacitor for its renowed reliability, long life span and high ripple voltage. Our Factory is Located in China but our technology is from Japan to bring you the best quality and price