LED Signage and Channel Letter Projects

Walmart China Signage Project

Collection LED has manufactured and installed LED Signage for Wall-Mart China’s collective retail locations and headquarters.

Our LED signage has proven to be a more visible, economical and long lasting solution to market ones company.

Below are pictures of the project results.

 Signage project for collection's other clients and partners


Commerical and Industrial Lighting Projects

Store and Office retrofits (Japan)

Since 2008, Collection LED has retrofitted lightings in more than 700 Japanese retail Chain stores or offices, installing more than 10 million LED linear T8 tube lights.

Each LED T8 consume 38%-53% less electricity while producing more lumen and last 5 to 40 times longer than the Incandescent and Fluorescent it replaced.

Below is a Operating Cost comparison chart

20 watt LED T8  running cost   Rate(dollar) per kwH Days
1 Month(24/7)  $       1.73 0.12 30
1 Year  $    21.02   365
40 Watt Incandescent running cost      
1 Month(24/7)  $       3.46   30
1 Year  $    42.05   365
32 Watt Fluorescent      
1 Month(24/7)  $       2.76   30
1 Year  $    33.64   365
Projected savings      
1 Month(24/7)  $       1.73 VS. Incandescent
1 year  $    21.02
1 Month(24/7)  $       1.04 VS. Fluorescent
1 year  $    12.61

 An establishment such as supermarket, requires hundreds of tube lights.

The combined monthly saving provided from LED for your office, store or even your own house can be very signifcant.


Tunnel Lights

Infrastructure project (China)

Collection used 160W tunnel lamps in those two retrofitting project which consumed 60% less energy than the 400W High Pressure Sodium lamps.

Due to the advantage of LED’s near instant on/off responses time and switching LED on/off repeatedly will not drain its lifespan;

we were able to install a sensor control system 350 yards away from the entrances, so the lamps are only turned on when there are cars coming.  Thus reducing energy cost even further.


Gas Station Price Changer